waterproof bench scale

Waterproof Scales: What You Need To Know

Why do I need to upgrade to waterproof scales instead of more economical options?

  1. Improved Hygiene – Hygiene is important in any industry, more so in a food processing environment. A waterproof scale will provide increased level of hygiene because it can be thoroughly washed down after use, cleaning any spillages caused during use without damaging the weighing equipment.
  2. Operational Life – Waterproof scales are known to last much longer than standard weighing equipment. This is because they are manufactured in stainless steel, a stronger material safe from corrosion. Stainless steel scales are also less likely to require critical maintenance and repair, again extending their operational life.
  3. Survive Tough Environments – Waterproof scales can handle a range of environments, making them more versatile and safer to use in humid or wet workspaces.

Certain industries, such as fishmongers and butchers, will always opt for a waterproof stainless-steel bench scale because of their requirements. However, other industries that may not deal with wet or humid environments may also want to consider higher IP rated weighing scale simply to provide extra peace of mind that their investment will last longer and perform better.

At Scale Supply UK we offer a range of stainless-steel waterproof scales, from bench scales, to column scales and platform scales. All available for fast UK delivery and come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for extra peace of mind. We also have a UK based customer service team on hand to assist you before and after purchase and can organise servicing and calibration with trusted industry partners.

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