Weighing Scale Calibration

What Is Calibration And Why It’s Required

At Scale Supply UK we offer a vast range of weighing scales to purchase online, from economical bench scales, to state-of-the-art industrial platform scales. All our scales are set to serve your business effectively for a long time. However, maintenance is encouraged to get the most value out of their life cycle.

What Is Calibration?

Calibration, in simple terms, is a service for a weighing scale. It is the process fully-trained engineers go through to make sure that the scale is still in full working order and reliable for use. Engineers carry out testing and compare the testing data with a reliable history of past data to verify if the scale is still in a full-working order. Any problems highlighted during a calibration service are usually rectified by the engineer, unless extensive repairs are required.

Why Invest In A Calibration Service

You would not miss your car MOT, or a doctor’s health check – so why not look after your weighing scales just as well. As a business you have invested money into a reliable weighing scale to assist you with every-day tasks, and by looking after it at regular intervals will result in you getting the most value for money out of the investment. Calibration may also be obligatory from an accreditation body for example the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Benefits Of A Calibration Service

– Maintain accurate weighing measurements

– Adhering to regulations when weighing products and vehicle loads

– Avoid complaints from customers with reliable weighing data

– Avoid financial penalties if your vehicles are overloaded

– Avoid any health and safety issues for your drivers

– Maintain an excellent business reputation and customer service standards

Even though there are no set rules in place that govern when and how often a weighing scale should receive a calibration service, our experienced team suggest regular or annual checks, depending how often scales are in use, to maintain peace of mind and accurate quality management processes for your business.

Browse through our selection of trade approved bench scales, platform scales and column scales, all available to buy online with fast UK delivery. If you would like to add a calibration service when purchasing your scale, then give us a ring on 01254 920 066 and our customer service team will be happy to help.

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