Platform Scales: The Ultimate Guide

Platform Scales – The Ultimate Guide

Platform scales are typically used in warehouses or industrial environments because of their heavy-duty weighing capabilities and robust build.

Also known as pallet platform scales, or heavy-duty weighing scales, these weighing devices can weigh large, heavy objects, including pallets of goods, and in some instances, platform scales are used for weighing large animals.

Platform scales are constructed using either mild or stainless-steel which is connected to a suitable digital weighing indicator, and platforms may have integral or standalone ramps.

In warehousing, platform scales are extremely popular for weighing large, bulky and heavy items. However, in some cases, operators use pallet trucks with a built-in weighing scale like our pallet truck scale shown below.

Pallet Truck utilising a digital weighing indicator

Pallet Truck utilising a digital weighing indicator

Considerations when buying a platform scale


When buying a platform scale it’s important to think about what the scale will be used for, for example, if you are weighing small items, you may not need an industrial scale, a column scale may be more appropriate.  Additional features of the platform scale are the ability to count items by utilising piece weight. A suitable computing scale is required.


Consideration must be taken when choosing the size and material platform scale. Sufficient size is required for bins or trolleys which move on and off the platform. Our Stainless-Steel Platform Scale is available in 1200mm x 1200mm or 1500mm x 1500mm. Our Mild Steel Platform Scale is available is available in 800mm x 800mm, 100mm x100mm, 1200mm x 1200mm or 1200mm x 1500mm.


The metal used in the construction of the platform is an important consideration. Stainless steel for example, for food applications.


Indicators are typically separate to the weighing platform and can be wall mounted or fitted to a pillar to keep out of harm’s way when weighing, especially in challenging or harsh environments. Our Stainless-Steel Drive Through Platform Scale comes with a bracket included so that you can mount the indicator in a safe, convenient place.

Stainless Steel Drive Through Scale

Stainless-steel drive through platform scale

Benefits of platforms scales


Platform scales vary in accuracy in increments of 0.2KG upwards, depending on your requirements and weighing capacity needs. Our popular Heavy-Duty Mild Steel Platform – Trade Approved Platform Scale, for example, weighs up to 3000KG in increments of 1KG.


Industrial platform scales can be linked to a PC via an RS-232 serial port enabling reporting on weights to help with, for example, future forecasting and decision making. This data can also help businesses to meet regulations and satisfy customers by quick and efficient weighing of goods in, and goods out of the warehouse.

Mild Steel Platform Scale

Mild Steel Platform Scale

Ingress Protection (IP)

The IP rating of a platform scale refers to the level of protection it has, which can be important in certain environments, for example, clean environments where the scale needs regular cleaning down with water. Our Trade Approved Platform Scales offer IP ratings of IP65 and IP68.

IP65 means that the platform scale is totally protected against dust ingress (6), as well as protected against low-pressure water jets from any direction. Limited ingress permitted (5).

IP68 means that the platform scale is totally protected against dust ingress (6), and protected against long, durable periods of immersion in water (8).

Both ideal for businesses where hygiene is paramount.

Scale Supply UK offer a wide selection of platform scales, pallet truck scales and axle weigh pads suitable for all your warehouse weighing needs. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, please get in touch and we will do our best to assist you.

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