Pallet Trucks for Freight Companies

Pallet Truck Scales: Benefits To Freight Companies

Why Should Freight Companies Use Pallet Truck Scales?

There are thousands of freight companies in business worldwide, specialising in the moving of freight, or cargo, from one place to another. They all use pallet trucks in their operations to allow their workers to safely move the goods and load the vehicles.

One thing they all must do is weigh the goods before they are loaded.

So why not do both at the same time?

What Is A Pallet Truck Scale?

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Simple! A pallet truck scale is a heavy-duty pallet truck with built-in weighing capabilities. It is a popular product among freight companies who enjoy productivity efficiency, highly-accurate operations and care about the safety of their workforce and drivers.

Benefits Of Using Pallet Truck Scale

All freight companies need to weigh their goods prior to loading for several reasons:

  • Safety
  • Accuracy
  • Regulations
  • Cost

A vehicle will have a maximum weight capacity it can transport; therefore, it is important that freight companies know exactly how much weight each of their vehicles are carrying at any one time, making sure they remain within the legal capacity.

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Linking to this is the Road Traffic Act 1988, which requires ‘vehicle users’ to ensure that vehicles are not overloaded. All companies have a ‘duty of care’ under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1999 for the safety of employees at work. This means that an employer must do all they can to ensure the safety of that driver, including having policies in place to ensure that their vehicle is not overloaded. What better way to do this then by using a highly-accurate pallet truck scale, allowing workers to move the goods and weight them at the same time.

By allowing workers to carry out two tasks in one, moving and weighing, a company is also improving their productivity and speed of operation. A pallet truck scale can also come with a built-in printer, allowing freight companies to maintain a paper record of the goods loaded which adds reassurance and driver’s safety.

Finally, freight companies usually invoice their customers based on number of goods transported and their weight. An inaccurate weight of the goods would result in errors with the invoicing which could then lead to customer complaints. A smart freight company would take out the chance of these errors by investing in an industry-leading pallet truck scale, proving peace of mind on all aspects of the business operations.

Properties Of A Pallet Truck Scale

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At Scale Supply UK, it is possible to purchase online a leading pallet truck scale with built-in printer and a 2000Kg capacity. Four load cells in its mild steel forks provide weight readings to the nearest 500g – then, net weight and tare weight information can be printed from its onboard printer. Overload protection will prevent the scale from damage if you go slightly over the capacity, and the mild steel forks are designed for easy weighing of euro pallets.

Other characteristics include a durable rubber handle surround for a secure grip, a low-profile fork with 78mm ground clearance, a bright red LED display visible in most conditions, high quality pump handle with release and easy-rolling cast wheels with durable plastic rim.

With many years of experience, our team is set to provide our customers with a vast range of knowledge when it comes to deciding which pallet truck scale is best for your business. Many variants are available, including other capacities and the option of a built-in printer or not. Therefore, speak to us on 01254 920 066 if you don’t see a product listed in our online catalogue.

Follow us on Twitter @ScaleSupplyUK for all the latest product offers.

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